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Hello there! Please be sure to read my tos before ordering as it contains what i can and cannot draw!_TOSTO DO LISTEXAMPLES/ORDERFINISHED THINGS

Semi-complicated designsBara/very muscular
Original charactersmecha
Fan art/existing charactersElderly
Flat-faced anthro 

> Paypal only!> Commissions can be used for commercial use but please be sure to properly credit me> Refunds can be issued only if i have not started/am starting the sketch phase!> WIPs will be sent when requested! (i am very anxious and VERY bad at talking to people first so if you'd like an update please let me know first and i'll get back to you ASAP //sobs)> Please don't be afraid to ask if you have any questions!

▶ Commissions

Important notice for owed art (August 2022): Very busy with a lot of things such as college apps and school homework, owed art may be delayed! Thank you for being so patient with me, I'm hoping to gain more time to work as September approaches.

UserWhereTypeProgressDLPending FB
MiniDiscord2 flat refs 
smoldiscorduc aura customLines 
smoldiscorduc aura custom 
Fhwompdiscorddainty customoutfit lines 
DarkHyancithdiscordillust (refer to discord) 

▶ Trades

UserWhereTypeProgressDLPending FB
Samspyroxisdiscord2 sc anim + bustsketch 
Zorukiatoyhousesketch pagesketch 
ZorukiatoyhouseSC anim 
KAYOTEDiscordSC Anim + bustsketch 
RonicTMToyhouse2 SC Anim + bust 
hunnipuffDiscordS2 CustomSketch 
SatoriToyhouseCouple sc anim + SC anim  
MiuDiscordS2 custom, colored sketchSketch 
Gen-ZPADesign trade 

▶ Recently completed

Arysdiscordpixel banner9/14
Samspyroxisdiscordsc anim9/15
ruidiscordfleuros custom 
DollyDiscord3 chibis 
ruidiscordfoxtopus custom 
Miudiscordrendered icon 
PuffinDiscordUC aura custom 
MontBlancToyhouseDainty custom 
Krak7enDiscordSC anim 

▶ Waitlist

ShuuflyThsc anim
MeownaDiscordref sheet
susDiscordanimated banner
milkdoeDiscordanimated banner
alphanerdDiscordref sheet
AuraheartTHref sheet

▶ SC (semi-chibi) animation

> $20 USD> +$10 for 2 characters> 1-3 animated parts (tail swish, eye blink, etc.)> FORM
Name/social media handle:
Character reference:
Animated parts:
Character pose/personality:
Background (if applicable):

▶ pixel banner

> $15 USD> Small animation (tail swish, eye blink, etc.)> DeviantArt Group size: 100x50, but a larger version (500x250) will be provided as well!> FORM
Name/social media handle:
Character reference:
Animated parts:
Character pose/personality:

▶ References and customs

> $20: Rendered> $15: Flat> $30: Style 2 (this style takes me significantly longer which is why it's priced higher)> $20: Animated> +$1/2 of total: Extra outfit> FORM
Name/social media handle:
Reference/moodboard or outfit inspiration:
(if animated) Animated parts:
Character pose/personality:
Preferred gender (optional! if nothing is put here i'll make the design androgynous):
Background (if applicable):

▲ Animated▼ Style 2

▲ Rendered▼ Flat

> RENDERED refs will not have a flat version due to being rendered!> STYLE 2 REFS will also not have a flat version due to being shaded on the same layer.> ANIMATED REFS will be flat color because animation is hard> please be sure to properly credit me as the designer! socials can be found in this link!> commissions TOS and what i'm comfortable and uncomfortable with drawing also applies to customs!

▶ Rendered busts

> $40 USD> +1/2 of price for +1 character> +$5 complexity fee> FORM
Name/Social media handle:
Character ref:
Background color (if applicable!):